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Private Training

The Personal Touch

100% focus, 100% commitment. Whatever your goal may be, one to one training allows me to tailor every session and every training plan to your specific requirements and fitness level. 

Sessions are totally flexible and can be booked around your work and social commitments. Simply pick a day and time that suits you!

No two sessions are the same, I'll constantly challenge you to push new limits, develop your understanding and enhance your self confidence. 

Group Training

Share the love

(and the cost)

Don't like training alone? No problem!

Book yourself in alongside a friend, partner or family member and you can take part in the session together and split the cost of the session between you! (Excludes Transformation Packages). All block bookings come with a bespoke training plan included, so even if your goals differ to one another you can still work on your individual targets as well as having some company for your personal training sessions. 

Group Workout Session

Sport Specific Training

Reach Your Full Potential

Do you train for a specific sport? Or are you considering entering a sporting event? 

 I can help.

Designing the right training plan can be the difference between finishing 2nd and finishing 1st, or knocking that extra second off your personal best. I analyse your performance and your sport to recognise key movements that you can strengthen and perfect.

Private training for sport specific exercise ensures you can focus on any element of your sport and replicate it in a gym environment. Allowing you to develop your skills.

Custom Training Plans

The Tools For Success

The most efficient and effective way to achieve your goals is to follow an exercise regime that's tailored to you. We can work together to create a fitness plan that is totally unique and accounts for your fitness level, potential injuries and your work / social schedule. 

I collect some information on your current fitness level and abilities, which allows me to create a bespoke training plan for you to follow in your own time. All block PT bookings and Transformation packages include customised training and nutrition plans for free!

Meet Your Trainer

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Joe Spear


I'm fully certified, accredited and competent in a variety of training methods. I'm passionate about my work and I give 100% towards helping clients achieve their goals. I have a strong, competitive sporting background and I'm relentless in my pursuit to achieve any challenge I'm given. I believe how you feel on the inside reflects how you feel about yourself on the outside and that self confidence is the key to achieving any goal you set yourself.


Thank you for visiting my site and I hope to meet you soon. Please give me an email or book in for a free consultation so we can discuss how I can help.  

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    Look Good, Feel Better

    Around the clock support. That's what I guarantee. It's essential that you feel good within yourself and that you're making changes that are healthy, positive and sustainable. Book yourself in for a catch up, let me know how you're getting on and how you're feeling.

    I'm always here to help!

    “You have power over your mind - not outside events. Realise this, and you will find strength”

    Marcus Aurelius

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